A Tribute To The Dolphins

by Dolphin Gal on November 18, 2010

Tears of the Dolphins

by Dolphin Gal on November 18, 2010

Do You Remember Sadness
The First Time
When Someone You Loved
How The Tears Ran Down
Your Cheeks
And Salt Filled Your Mouth
As You Cried.
And On That Day
When Your Dear Friend
Was Gone.
You Wondered How The World
Had Turned So Wrong.

You Looked At The Sky
And Asked Why
It Could
Still Be So Blue?
How The World
Keeps On Going
In The Midst Of Such Pain?
When All You Had Hoped For
Was To See It Rain.
As A Matter Of Trying
To Fuel Your Expression
Of The Hurt That You Felt
Of The World’s Transgressions.

When Your Friend Is A Dolphin
And His Life Ends Too Fast,
From The Spears Of A Fisherman
In A Land That Is Apt
To Use Cruelty To Torture
The Seas Most Magnificent
And All That’s Left
Is The Blood In The Channels

Off The Coast Of Taiji
Where They Say It Is
To Slaughter Thousands Of Dolphins
At First Hint Of Daylight.

Copyright Elora Malama West

After The Dolphins Are Herded
Into A Small Tiny Cove
The Fisherman Begin
Killing Dolphins In Droves.

Tears Of The Dolphins
Add To The Salt Of The Sea.
And The Dolphins Watch
As Their Friends And
Families Are Slaughtered.

The Loss Is Tremendous
Mothers And Daughters
Have Lost Husbands, And Sons
And Sisters And Brothers.

Copyright Elora Malama West

And As Each One Awaits
Their Fate
The Blood Runs
Through This Shallow Dark Place
Where Dolphins Die
By The Thousands
For Greed And For Hate.
They Say It’s Tradition
To Put Food On Their Plate

But The Dolphin Meat Is Riddled
With Mercury You See
And Should Not Be Eaten
If You Intend To Still Be
Alive At The End
Of An Oncoming

Dolphin Meat Is Poison
There Is No Reason
To Kill These Mammals,
These Knights Of The Sea,
They Patrol Our Oceans
And Help Humans In Need
So Why Is It Permitted
This Needless Slaughter Of Mammals?
Japan’s Government Issues Permits
To Kill Dolphins
Per Annum.

To Get Rid Of The Dolphins
Even Though It’s Not Them
Who Have Ruined The Oceans,
Leave That Up To Men.

And So They Continue
As The Days Pass On
To Kill All The Dolphins
Even Those That Are Young.
Our Worldwide Treasures
Are Being Destroyed
By A Few Shameful Men
In A Town With No Joy.

Watching These Creatures
Who Can Jump And Can Swim
With The Agility Of An Athlete
With The Sea As Their Gym:
If You Knew What They Do To them
In Taiji
Your Stomach Would Turn

They’re Murdering Dolphins
Even Though The World Yearns
For A Place That Is Peaceful
And One Which Respects
That Dolphins Are Like
Our Own Human Guests

Their Brains Are Quite Big
In Fact Larger Than Ours
They Live In Small Groups
And Travel Without Cars

Throughout Miles Of Oceans
And Live Free In The Sea
They Understand Everything
Maybe Too Perfectly

Courtesy and Copyright Martyn Stewart

The Murder Of Dolphins,
The Cries And The Tears
Generations Of Dolphins
Wiped Out
In A Few Years

Mothers Can’t Pass Onto
Their Daughters Lessons Learned,
How To Eat And To Play
As The World Slowy Turns

All Those Lives Lost
In One Hour Today
We Cry Tears For The Dolphins
The Fisherman Sadly Say Hooray.

And The Fisherman Still
Even Worse Ways To Slaughter
Dragging Live Dolphins
By The Tail As We Watch,
First A Mother
Then Her Daughter

Photo Copyright Elora Malama West

As They Struggle To Take
Their Last Breaths And They
I Yearn For The Day
Their Faces
Won’t Haunt My Dreams.

But Their Valient Efforts,
To Fight To Survive, Are Lost
On These Men, Who Are Deaf To Their Cries.

And The  Fisherman Laugh
And Snuff Out Other Young Lives
What’s This World Coming To
Amongst All Their  Lies?

There Were Babies Who Were Released
Back To The Sea.
But Babies Won’t Leave
Without Their Mothers Being Free.
So These Young Dolphin Calves
Searched The Blood Of The Waters
For Their Mothers To Guide Them Out Of These
Horrible Slaughters.

Copyright Elora Malama West

But What They Got Instead
As The Fisherman Returned,
Were Knives In Their Backs
And Lights No Longer Burn
No Candles For The Living
Put Them Up For The Dead.

These Innocent
Baby Dolphins Whose Only Mistake
Was To Search For Their Mothers
And Then They Met The Same Fate

Like Thousands Of Others
Who Had Lived
Far Too Few Years
The Cries Of The Dolphins
There Aren’t Enough Tears
Their Meat Is Not Helping
In Fact It Will Hurt
Any People Who Ingest It.
And So The Dirt
Will Be Filled With The Graves
Of Those Who Consume
The Dolphins.

Just Ahead On The Horizon
Where Dolphins Once Swam
Now There Aren’t Any Creatures
Left In Our Large Lands
Things Are Just Barren
And Devoid Of All Light
No Creatures Are Stirring
It Is Not A Good Night.
This Tradition Has No Place
In A Civilized World
The Cries Of The Dolphins
Must Start Being Heard.

When You See What Happens
It Hits You Like Lightening
Generations Of Dolphins
Valiantly Fighting
A Battle They Didn’t Begin
And One That  Human’s Must Right
Did You Learn Something Today
About The Dolphin’s  Plight?

Credit: Dwight Miller

When The Dolphin Life Ends
With A Scream And A Tear
Will You Take Their Story
And Spread It This Year?
To Every Person Around You
And To Every Living Ear.
For If We Don’t Take Action
And Gear Up For The Fight,
The Dolphins
Will Leave Us Forever Tonight.

Can You Be Their Hero,
Their Light On Sun’s Rays?
It’s Time For A Decision
Are You An Angel Today?
Will You Take Just One Action?
Even Small Steps Can Prove,
To Help These Dear Dolphins,
This Is Something You Can Do.

And Before I Bid You Farewell
For The Day.
Would You Send This
Out To Those Who Can Say?
These Actions Are Wrong
And They Must Be Stopped Soon
By Standing Together
We’ll Make A Difference Too.

Thank You For Listening
And Sending This On
Please Do This Right Now
Before The Next Dawn
The Dolphins Will Thank You
And Your Children Will Too
For A World Without Dolphins
Is A World That’d Be Blue.

Tears Of The Dolphins
Continue Tonight
What Will You Do Today
To Make This Wrong Right?

1. What you Can Do: Sea Shepherd Taiji Campaign

2.  Visit and Follow The Story From 17 Year Old Elora Malama West, Reporting Live from Taiji

3.  http://www.savejapandolphins.org/takeaction.php

4. Watch the Cove

And finally, share this story with everyone you know. Your friends, your family, neighbors, children, people in your church, your community. The more that know the more chances we have of stopping these atrocities.

You may copy this message and repost it, share it via email or otherwise,  as long as you leave all the links intact and include the entire post in it’s entirety including where you got this message www.dolphingal.org